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Large size IT companies are expanding their reach to locations across the globe. However, this is not the case with independent software vendors (ISV). ISVs want to grow and expand, but they need to conquer challenges in more than one arena. They face technical challenges viz. changing demands of customers, expensive coding and its maintenance, limited availability of skills, concerns regarding quality and technology, winning and maintaining customers, etc. While some challenges can be met, but others are too complex to even understand. ISVs even need to reduce time to market while maintaining their budget. The main concern is identifying new markets and develop them. These challenges intensify when ISVs need to compete with existing and new players at the same time.

The challenges cannot vanish but they can be overcome by adopting the profitable and emerging concept of SaaS. SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. The concept of SaaS is not a fad but a phenomenon that is here to stay. Successful SaaS providers like LTS are being readily preferred for SaaS, especially by the ISVs. SaaS has become a cornerstone for most of the ISVs who desire to grip emerging markets globally. With SaaS in action, ISV are able to create greater business values than the conventional software. The distinguishing feature of SaaS is its approach. SaaS has made major transformations by generating more demand in addition to changing the reselling process. SaaS has made revenues regular by making it based on subscription. The SaaS trend has enabled ISVs to make their presence felt in the industry, thanks to LTS

The innovative SaaS Tenant Framework has been receiving appreciation in the industry for many reasons. SaaS Tenant by LTS has become the leading brand in the cloud-based multi-tenancy framework. This pioneering and excellent practice management system has brought major changes in the way many sectors in the industry function. Companies, especially ISVs, have finally given a farewell to the non functional outdated methods, thanks to this revolutionary technology. The SaaS Tenant architecture comes with many benefits, one of them being high speed data mining along with improved usability. With the model, ISVs can reduce their marketing budget in addition to expenses related to maintenance, supporting, etc. The model even lowers implementation changes, tracks product usage, thereby improving customer relationships.

The SaaS Model by LTS has been catching the fancy of ISV and start-ups alike. By using LTS’s architecture, start-ups are ensured of best practices. They are even able to scale the operations effectively. With this, it has become easy for them to manage change, database, performance and even optimization. LTS has an experienced team of system engineers, database architects, software and network engineers, project managers, etc. on board who are talented to address the challenges faced by ISV. SaaS is helping companies to adapt to the changing business needs by capitalizing on this innovative and effective service model. The improved and innovative model by LTS has been changing the way SaaS is seen by start-ups, by helping them expand globally.

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