Globally dispersed college teams buddy-up through CAFL

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Relocating to different cities, losing contact with friends, missing playing your favorite sport and catching up with teammates off the field; talking about college life makes all of us nostalgic. Playing as a team didn’t just mean playing for college but playing for each other, and team effort meant much more than victory. Interdependence, joy, sorrows – they were a family through all those emotions. Curious as to what his teammates were doing now and how wonderful it’d be if they could start training as a team again; our client approached LTS with an idea to create CAFL as an opportunity to re-create the bond he had with his teammates and bring many such teams together. This application was a platform that, irrespective of social, financial or cultural statuses, would act as a cohesive among teammates and rebuild the connection virtually after years of gap and geographical distance.

When our client approached us with this idea, not only could we relate to it strongly, but we were also keen on helping create something that reunited teammates and sportspersons just like in the past.

With a motto that read “When you share blood, sweat & tears on the field, you create a special bond that only College athletes will understand…stay connected for LIFE”, we started building CAFL; College Athletes For Life.

Uncovering endless possibilities from alumni networks, mentorship, career change to career growth, we were on the road to create something that not only brought about a tangible change in ex-athletes’ lives but also seeded positivity encouraging stronger alumni relationships and creating a strong sense of virtual community.

With our B.O.M.T. model; Build-Operate-Manage-Transform, carefully driving the idea forward, we incubated growth through every phase, finally creating CAFL.

Building the product through a strategic plan of action, we enabled flexibility, creativity and scalability. Next we established operational management by carefully clustering services and monitoring servers through process expertise. LTS ensured process to performance management, quality assurance and target achievement. One of the most crucial phases for startups, managing sales and marketing, Leo technoSoft helped CAFL focusing immensely on branding and establishing market connections. And last but not the least, with IT acceleration, we helped enhance scopes of services offered thereby bringing about transformation.

LTS efficiently built and successfully took this application to market keeping the strong sports bond alive and bridging the gap between teammates who lost touch over the years. With many new possibilities which wouldn’t have been possible without this thoughtful application, we love how we are making a difference in athlete’s lives through CAFL. ‘Stay Connected for Life’.

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