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While the global music industry is one giant revenue machine, the internal details are not as appealing. When we talk about the music industry, bands or musicians, we almost never talk about the struggles of aspiring ones; the musician entrepreneurs. In this digitally driven era of social media and music platforms, and studio giants ruling the market, there are very few or no positives for aspiring musicians. With deceitful contracts, low payments, less premium subscriptions, major percentage cuts to platforms, labels and producers and skyrocketing piracy, artists have not been able to generate optimum revenue through creative content.

To address these problems and provide a just platform to music artists of varied scale, aiming towards higher and transparent revenue process, our client approached us with the idea of a unique music platform.  Extrapolating our client’s idea, with expert product development services, we designed and built a platform that merged the entertainment industry and the retail industry through ecommerce. Tackling various obstacles faced by aspiring artists and musicians, this solution provides a cost effective alternative digital marketplace preferred by audiences over conventional models.

Providing an individual profile page to artists and giving them full control over their music, merchandise and content through our ecommerce integration, this platform allows direct communication between artists and audience. Allowing downloadable links and letting artists decide on pay per-stream cost, we have banished massive mediator cuts giving full royalty to the artists for their content.

A genius example of how technology today can give artists a break from the autocratic music world, it reduces time to market substantially, allowing artists to directly reach the global audience by surpassing major pay cuts demanded by intermediaries in the process. With the emergence and widespread use of digital platforms and slowly diminishing conventional way of selling music, our solution focuses on catering music and merchandise to an array of audience categories, spread globally.

Serving as a genius value proposition in today’s digital world dominated by studio giants, we aimed at building a solution that supports flexibility prioritizing artists’ growth. While giving the liberty of choosing regions to publish music, selecting audiences and catering to different genre needs, at low cost of ownership, this application is a seamless mixture of engaging music from all music artists and independent bands and merchandise.

Serving as both a marketplace and an aggregator, it provides a flexible setup and comparatively higher exposure for artists – a central hub for music and merchandise. For music artists, marketplace gives a better opportunity to reach more audience in turn giving consumers more choice in music and greater accessibility by making multiple artists available on one platform. With an aggregator model, for audiences who like streamlined information, this application provides a wide range of choices. Simultaneously, it also provides a platform to musicians, new and established, bands, and content artists to showcase their music, build an audience and sell music and merchandise through ecommerce.