Uniting Athletes Distanced By Geographies With Run2Geo

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Work to home, home to work, maybe an occasional pint or two of beers! Aren’t all our stories similar when it comes to work? Approaching the LTS team, our client explained his idea and challenges; we took it from there and crafted it into an efficient application – run2geo, through proper orchestration and delivery.

The idea required time, patience and a great deal of expertise to mould it into an efficient application that solved problems of users globally and united school and college athletic teams. The idea needed a technical team that could bring about high operability and global availability and not mere building of an application.

We love challenges, and we accepted the challenge to create something meaningful through this idea and bring the scattered team together virtually to enjoy those running sessions same as they did years ago.

After humongous planning and addressing all intricacies, the Leo TechnoSoft IT team started creating the run2geo application. From product engineering to application testing and everything in between, we needed a hundred percent efficiency to create a team, monitor various participants simultaneously at different geographical locations at a given time that we achieved through integrating Maps and tweaking it to ensure accurate parallel global tracking. A powerful idea was finely matured, with LTS’s Build-Operate-Manage-Transform model and the end result is run2geo.

A whole new aspect to this application was a cleverly improvised advertisement engine that strategically run brand and event adverts depending on the geographical location of the user.

Moulding this idea into a brilliant application through expert product development and mobility services, we served the undeserved sports and fitness industry yet again. Leo Techno Soft built a partnership, that succeeded, benefited and helped us both grow; isn’t that what sportsmanship is about!