How SaaS Companies Leverage to BOMT Model for their Growth

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SaaS based companies across the globe are opening up to the idea of BOMT Model due to various reasons. The BOMT Model is the latest introduction by LTS. It stands for Build-Operate-Market-Transfer Model. The Model breaks the shackles of the traditional BOT model and its limitations by making SaaS companies profit from the model. For the companies that operate in the IT sphere, competition plays an important role. We have extensively worked on the model to make it suitable for IT companies operating in various phases, right from Start ups and Entrepreneurs to small and medium sized establishments and independent software vendors. The innovative model assures the clients of the best and affordable solutions for their enterprise.

Companies have opened up to outsourcing their service to offshore locations. However, they desire to have a profitable venture or the objective of outsourcing diminishes. With the BOMT Model in action, organizations are assured of quickened process at affordable rates. The model is the right blend as it offers the clients the advantages of IT outsourcing along with strategic benefits of possessing the overseas subsidiary. Among the many benefits, the biggest one is that of international presence. SaaS companies can easily expand their venture and ensure their growth by outsourcing the task of overseas subsidiary. With the new model by LTS, companies are not even required to establish, operate, manage or market the overseas subsidiary. This is because that all the above mentioned activities are executed by us.

The BOMT Model is divided in four simple phases, making it easy for clients to understand. The Phase I, Build, involves putting together the right team for developing the product. The Phase II, Operate, involves establishing services related to operational management. This phase even involves SaaS clustering in addition to server monitoring. This phase is very important as its completion means establishing a platform, which will enable SaaS companies to expand and grow by acquiring new customers, gaining additional market share as well as revenues. The Phase III, Market, remains the USP of LTS, as it is offered only by us in the IT industry. This phase involves the expansion of brand by generating leads, marketing activities and promotional actions. When the client is ready, the ownership is transferred to the parent Start ups.

LTS has put forth an innovative model in the form of BOMT. The model helps create an overseas subsidiary with reduced efforts and miniscule investment. With the model in action, companies find a trusted partner in us. With us by their side, clients do not require local knowledge as we offer the best team and resources that limits their burden. When the ownership is transferred, clients get a ready office complete with experienced and talented team, which is trained to assure smooth functioning. The best part is that the client can control the timings of eventual transfer. With BOMT, Start ups get the advantage of outsourcing their routine business functioning while controlling and controlling the core knowledge. The BOMT Model utilizes international standard processes to achieve the objectives of the client by helping them generate more revenue in reduced time.

About BOMT

BOMT(Build, Operate, Market, and Transform) model, It is an innovative hybrid partner product development that offers a low-risk, hassle-free, cost-effective global sourcing strategy. BOMT works exceptionally well with StartUps, Entrepreneurs and ISVs. It ensures incubation, development, Gestation and transformation support to increase revenue and maximize ROI in short span of time.

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