LTS Develops Online Tool to Accommodate Networking within the Native American Community

Home Press Release LTS Develops Online Tool to Accommodate Networking within the Native American Community

Chicago/Midwest, USA – May 20, 2019: LTS is proud to announce their contribution to a website that is dedicated to professional networking for entrepreneurs and job seekers among the Native American community.

As announced by The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED), the Native Edge is now open for business. LTS has developed an all-inclusive system comprising of many power-packed modules. The Native Edge can be viewed at

Today, employers and job seekers use social media, such as LinkedIn, to find suitable candidates and jobs, respectively. Hence, as per the requirements of clients, we developed a website for effective human resource management in the Native American community within the United States.

Comprising of four key areas, namely Training Edge, Hire Edge, Procurement Edge and Community Edge.Native Edge website allows Native American professionals to expand their trade, explore business and work opportunities, communicate with other Native American entrepreneurs. It also enables these entrepreneurs to offer their products and services to Fortune 500 companies nationally and internationally, as well as the federal government.

For employers, this website is a job portal where CVs of prospective candidates can be seen. This is where the Hiring Edge plays the role. For job-seekers, Hiring Edge functionality is for finding jobs that suit their skills and knowledge. The Hiring Edge functionality includes resume submission by job seekers as well as evaluation by employers, access to RFPs, and professional networking.

The Training Edge allows Native American business owners and their staffs to enhance their professional learning through an extensive video training library. This library features a wide range of videos on business acumen, management training, skills training and more.

The Procurement Edge is a tool for Native American businesses and tribes to access both federal and corporate procurement opportunities. It is a platform for these businesses to partner with each other for potential joint ventures.

Community Edge serves the purpose of entrepreneurs and job seekers, forming online communities and exchange ideas.

The Native Edge website and portal is meant to benefit employers, entreprenuers, and job seekers alike.

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